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How Exfoliation Adds Grace To Your Beautiful Face

It can be argued that no one actually needs to exfoliate their skin. However, that argument would be on par with suggesting that no one ever needs a haircut. Sure, we could all grow our hair out as long as it can get and still carry on relatively normal lives…maybe. But don’t we all much prefer to look and feel our best? Exfoliating your skin ensures that it is always looking and feeling its best!

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This can be done manually by using a physical exfoliator like a scrub or using chemical exfoliators that contain enzymes or acids.

Exfoliation = dead skin cell removal.

Getting rid of dull, flaky and dry skin to reveal the fresher, smoother skin underneath is one of the easiest and most effective ways to slow down and reduce the signs of aging. Exfoliation routines most often happen on the face in order to combat fine lines and wrinkles. It also addresses problems with acne and sagging skin.

On, Jaime Green explains that healthy skin naturally exfoliates on its own. So is there really a need for exfoliating products? Well, the older we get, the slower the natural process occurs. Green cites Canadian Dermatology Association member, Dr. Sandy Skotnicki as someone who is well-versed in the area of exfoliation. Dr. Skotnicki informs that we get a new epidermis every 30 days.

“But as we age, that process slows down,” Green reminds us, “The dullness and flakiness we associate with dry skin is a failure of skin’s natural exfoliation. When too much of the stratum corneum hangs around, the cells clump into flakes and scales.”

Exfoliating products speed up your skin’s natural process.

Without taking extra steps to exfoliate our skin, we leave our faces susceptible to looking dry, flaky and even haggard. Exfoliating helps to brighten the look of your face. Green notes that exfoliation can take place by physical means such as scrubbing the top layer of dead skin cells off your face.

“Others exfoliate by chemical means: loosening the bonds between the dead cells so that they fall off more quickly,” she continues, “Done right, exfoliation really does live up to some of its promises. As Dr. Skotnicki put it, ‘Some sort of mechanical or chemical exfoliation can make your skin look a little bit more bright.’”

How does exfoliation help you to look younger?

As Adrienne Santos-Longhurst informs us on, regular exfoliation helps to prevent clogged pores. This results in your skin looking smoother and brighter and having fewer breakouts. As well, exfoliation can improve the effectiveness of topical skin care products by enhancing absorption. However, one of the best benefits of exfoliating your skin is that it helps you to look younger by helping you to produce more collagen.

“Long-term exfoliating can increase collagen production,” writes Santos-Longhurst, “Collagen is key to glowing, vibrant skin. The protein also promotes skin elasticity, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and related sagging.”

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