Therapeutic Injectables – TMD (TMJ)

Do you suffer from lock-jaw symptoms or tension? TMD (also known as TMJ) disorders can result in jaw pain, often due to bruxism, the habitual clenching or grinding of the teeth, genetic factors, arthritis, or injury. Therapeutic injectables, such as Botox, can help relax your jaw muscles, decreasing the stress on your jaw and alleviating pain and discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer complimentary consultations?

    Yes! Before any treatment, we offer a complimentary consultation during which we discuss your concerns and goals, outline treatment options, and develop a customized treatment plan.

  • Do I need a referral from a doctor?

    No, a referral is not required to meet with our clinic’s doctor.

  • How often do I need to get Botox injections?

    Together, you and your physician will determine if the therapy is effective for you. If so, you may continue this therapy. We recommend most patients experiencing TMD get Botox injections every 12 weeks.

  • How is this treatment administered?

    Your physician will determine the number of injections and the sites required to treat your specific condition. Botox is then injected by needle into the muscles located in the head and neck that may be causing or contributing to jaw pain or discomfort. 

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